What’s New?

For what’s new in CC releases, see What’s New.

What’s New In CS6?

3D is a major theme of AE CS6. A new AEGP_LayerFlag_ENVIRONMENT_LAYER has been added. Many new layer streams were added.

Additionally, AEGP_LayerStream_SPECULAR_COEFF was renamed to AEGP_LayerStream_SPECULAR_INTENSITY, AEGP_LayerStream_SHININESS_COEFF was renamed to AEGP_LayerStream_SPECULAR_SHININESS, and AEGP_LayerStream_METAL_COEFF was renamed to just AEGP_LayerStream_METAL.

A new suite, AEGP_RenderQueueMonitorSuite1, provides all the info a render queue manager needs to figure out what is happening at any point in a render.

Mask Suite is now at version 6, and provides functions to get and set the mask feather falloff type. Mask Outline Suite is now at version 3, and provides access to get and set mask outline feather information.

Composition Suite is now at version 9. AEGP_CreateTextLayerInComp and AEGP_CreateBoxTextLayerInComp now have a new parameter, select_new_layerB.

Render Suite is now at version 3, adding a new function to get the GUID for a render receipt.

Finally, we have added two new read-only Dynamic Stream Suite flags: AEGP_DynStreamFlag_SHOWN_WHEN_EMPTY and AEGP_DynStreamFlag_SKIP_REVEAL_WHEN_UNHIDDEN.